July 31, 2015

Sweet Mail

May I trade the months of July and August for an additional May and September each, please? I could easily do without these hot and humid summer months, served with lots of mosquitoes as side dish. With each degree exceeding 77 °F/25 °C, my list of enjoyable activities gets shorter and shorter. At 97 °F/ 36 °C outdoors and only little less indoors, there are very few things left, I like to do. Besides taking a shower, eating ice cream and watching our cats, there is only one more fun thing to do. Opening mail from sweet friends that is :).

A package from my dear Marie from Lost Bird Studio is a treat at any temperature.

Beaded Bracelet  

Marie made this gorgeous bracelet for my birthday. I love everything about it.


She had become a pro at making s-hook clasps. She gave me three fabulous sets along with some lovely bought ones to create jewelry with and a pretty metal number tag.

Beads1 Marie also sent me some beads and other bits.


She was so sweet to fulfill some wishes I had and bought seeds for me that are difficult to find here (lavender, endive, cilantro, thyme and cornflower), a pair of black espadrilles and some packages of gelatin powder.

Pretty Packaging

Marie enjoys gift wrapping and her packages always look so beautiful. Thank you so much, my friend! I love your gifts!

A fabulous flower card came from my dear Dorthe over at Den Lille Lade.

Birthday Card

I love the colors and the great textures. The leaves on the flower are real dried ones. Thank you very much, dear Dorthe!

If you guess that I am off now to take a shower and then have some ice cream while watching the kitties, you are absolutely right :).

Have a great weekend! I will be back soon with a necklace that was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers.

July 16, 2015

Summer of Color Week 6

For this week’s Summer of Color challenge, Kristin chose two oranges and one blue. This combination just screamed rusty assemblage to me. I glued some vintage book pages onto a wooden board and painted them with diluted acrylic paints and water-soluble pencils. I sanded some areas down. After some stamping, I rummaged through my boxes of rusty smalls and constructed a pendulous object. The upper part is fixed from the back with a screw.

Assemblage "d-pending"  by Vintage with Laces

I named this assemblage “d-pending”.

Assemblage "d-pending"  Detail by Vintage with Laces

Assemblage "d-pending"  Detail by Vintage with Laces

This was the last week of the challenge. I did have a great time with Kristin’s weekly color prompts. Thank you so much, Kristin! I was a bit out of my comfort zone here and there but that is the point of a challenge. It is good to be pushed in another direction from time to time. I already miss the challenge and hope it will be back next year.

Summer of Color 2015 by Vintage with Laces 
Here is a recap of my “SoC” projects. I am happy with all of them but my favorite is today’s assemblage. I am a rusty girl, what can I say :)?

Summer of Color

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July 14, 2015

ICAD: Collages and more

For the first two weeks of the ICAD challenge over at Daisy Yellow, it had worked out and I created something on an index card every day. In the meanwhile I am pretty far behind but I still have a second batch of cards to show you.

ICAD - Everybody Likes ... by Vintage with Laces

I made a few collages without following the given prompts and it started pretty harmless with a vintage soap image.

ICAD - Always at Your Service by Vintage with Laces

When I found a vintage ad for an undertaker business in my folder and then images of some toxic mushrooms, I could not hold off and had to let out my black humor :).

ICAD - Original Combination by Vintage with Laces

The food theme continues with this amazing discovery. Some headlines of a 90 year old newspaper had stirred my imagination.

ICAD - Festive Food Gifts by Vintage with Laces

Christmas is only 5 months away. It is good to have some early gift ideas, don’t you think?

ICAD - A Tempting Dessert by Vintage with Laces

Dessert anyone? You can’t resist, or can you :) ?

I have to admit, that I had lots of fun with these collages and I liked the combination of vintage papers and some pops of red.

Last week prompts were all about games and I managed to make 4 cards.

ICAD - Backgammon Doodles by Vintage with Laces

ICAD - Bingo by Vintage with Laces“Bingo”

ICAD - Bridge by Vintage with Laces  “Bridge”

ICAD - Scrabble by Vintage with Laces“Scrabble”

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week!